Bei Jing Chinese Cuisine


Chef Special

w. rice

1.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy
Marinated chunks of chicken quickly fried until crispy Then sauteed in our special tangy sauce. The best you ever had.
2.  Sesame Chicken or Beef $9.95
3.  Orange Chicken or BeefSpicy
Chunks of chicken or beef fried until crispy. then sauteed with orange Rind in a hot & spicy sweet sauce.
4.  Crispy Scallion ChickenSpicy
Fried chicken sauteed with scallion in a spicy sweet sauce.
5.  Dragon & Phoenix
Jumbo shrimp sauteed w. vegetables & general tso's chicken. Two meals in one plate.
6.  Triple Delight Szechuan StyleSpicy
A combination of shrimp, beef, & chicken sauteed in garlic sauce w. Steamed broccoli.
7.  Special Four Seasons
Jumbo shrimp, sliced pork, beef, chicken & mixed veggies in a brown sauce.
8.  Happy FamilySpicy
Shrimp, sea scallops, chicken, beef, roast pork sauteed w. veggies in sa cha sauce, served on a sizzling plate.
9.  Seafood Delight
Variety of seafood w. Chinese vegetable in a white sauce. Served sizzling.
10.  House Special Tofu
Lightly fried tofu sauteed with jumbo shrimp, chicken & veggie. Served sizzling.
11.  Asparagus Twin DelightSpicy
Jumbo shrimp and chicken w. fresh asparagus, carrots, and mushrooms sauteed in spicy brown sauce.
12.  Double Feature
Beef & scallop sauteed w. veggie in our chef special sauce.
13.  Seafood Hot Pot $15.95
14.  Basil Shrimp & Scallop $14.95
15.  Mussel with Black Bean Sauce $12.95